Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Guys, I am doing a nutrition unit. The brochure was a great new idea on introducing the unit to the students. Students will have to compare the nutritional values from fast-food restaurant items with entrees prepared at home.

Essential Question
Can a healthy lifestyle make you live longer?
Unit Questions
Does a diet based on FDA nutritional guidelines promote a longer life?
Content Questions
Is a diet high in saturated fats good or bad for your long-term health?

My students will have to examine their daily diets for 2 weeks. Then rate each meal for the level of saturated fat. Then research the causes of cardio-vascular disease and see if there is a correlated between a diet high in saturated fat and heart disease.

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  1. Just one question...Can I participate in this unit? I think this is an awesome thing for students to study. It is a very important part of life they need to understand. The only thing I have concern I have is with your essential question. I don't think it is broad enough! Just my thought:)

  2. This is so great for the students to study. Even students who would like to eat more healthy diets do not know how to go about this and this is one way to go about teaching them nutrition. It will be easy for the students to become engaged with the lesson because it's "real world application" is apparent. Maybe include more content questions? Just a thought. The unit sounds great.

  3. Thanks for your remarks although I hope you will get more out of the class than a brochure. This should be a good unit for your students to study. I agree with Mandy that I believe you can include more appropriate content questions. Also consider that your essential and unit questions sound kind of similar. With essential questions you are getting at big ideas that may cover many topics which in you case appear to be choices or consequences or even life styles. Consider something like:
    How do I make good choices? or
    Does everything have consequences? Maybe even
    What does it mean to be healthy, wealthy, and wise?