Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nutrition Unit
I grade my student`s menu project by a rubric. This rubric is given to the students when they are given the project information sheet. The students will present their menus to the rest of the class. Their classmates will be given an opportunity to give feedback about the menu. This feedback should be monitored by me. Their grade will be based on the rubric.
The student`s second project is to keep a daily diary of their food choices and physical activity that they do each day. The student will sit down with the me at the end of the 2 week period and analyse the positive and negative choices in their daily diet.
I feel these two units along with the course work will give the student the skills to choose a healthy diet for them in the future. This meets the state standards and gives them the power to make good healthy decisions for a healthier lifestyle.
The only real negative factor is when a student elects not to do the project. They lose not only a good grade but the practical experience of putting together a healthy diet plan.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My project is a nutritional research project. Students will design a restaurant menu that has healthy meal choices based on FDA guidelines. The module is helping me by letting me create a project checklist for the student and myself to follow.

I will have web pages that the student will have to go to research nutritional guidelines. For example; USDA FOOD PYRAMID SITE.

My students will have to turn in the web sites that they used for their projects. When we go to lab I will walk around and make sure they are using the internet for their projects.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Guys, I am doing a nutrition unit. The brochure was a great new idea on introducing the unit to the students. Students will have to compare the nutritional values from fast-food restaurant items with entrees prepared at home.

Essential Question
Can a healthy lifestyle make you live longer?
Unit Questions
Does a diet based on FDA nutritional guidelines promote a longer life?
Content Questions
Is a diet high in saturated fats good or bad for your long-term health?

My students will have to examine their daily diets for 2 weeks. Then rate each meal for the level of saturated fat. Then research the causes of cardio-vascular disease and see if there is a correlated between a diet high in saturated fat and heart disease.

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Hey guys, It is hard to believe we have gne 4 weeks. Where does the time fly? I have enjoyed class so far. Iam looking forward to creating more ideas like the brochure.

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