Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Guys, I am doing a nutrition unit. The brochure was a great new idea on introducing the unit to the students. Students will have to compare the nutritional values from fast-food restaurant items with entrees prepared at home.

Essential Question
Can a healthy lifestyle make you live longer?
Unit Questions
Does a diet based on FDA nutritional guidelines promote a longer life?
Content Questions
Is a diet high in saturated fats good or bad for your long-term health?

My students will have to examine their daily diets for 2 weeks. Then rate each meal for the level of saturated fat. Then research the causes of cardio-vascular disease and see if there is a correlated between a diet high in saturated fat and heart disease.

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Hey guys, It is hard to believe we have gne 4 weeks. Where does the time fly? I have enjoyed class so far. Iam looking forward to creating more ideas like the brochure.

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